Adaptation to antagonists / approximal adaptation

Aus Amann Girrbach
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This screen allows you to adapt restorations to the antagonist (if scanned), and to the ajacent teeth.

If you have used the Virtual Articulator feature, you may choose between static or dynamic occlusion [1]. You can define a desired distance to the antagonist (for anatomic and reduced parts) using the slider(s) [4].

For the actual adaptation, you have the choice between a smart shape-preserving adaptation [3], which will try to preserve the tooth morphology, or simply cutting intersections with the antagonist [2].

TipUse a combination of both – first the shape-preserving adaptation [3], which will keep small intersections, then cut intersections [2].

To adapt to anterior teeth, switch to the „Approximal“ tab [5].


When done, click 'Next'.