Design the bitesplint top

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(Weitergeleitet von BiteSplint top)
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Left-click points around the model (on gingiva and/or teeth) to define the margin line.

Tip Try not to have sharp points in the margin line curve

In the surface properties section there are 3 sliders, to allow you to chose the thickness of the different areas and the outer smoothing of the splint.

Occlusal Thickness- The thickness of the occlusal surface of the model

Peripheral Thickness- The thickness on the axial walls of the model

Smoothing- controls the smoothness of the top surfaces of the splint. The larger the number, the more smooth it will be.

After the parameters are set click Apply. The next step will take you to "freeform the bitesplint top" which is similar to freeforming see Freeforming "Free" tab.


Posterior region

The posterior splint region can be smoothed and the intersections to the opposing jaws controlled in the “Posterior region” tab of the same Wizard step.
To do this, highlight the junction between the anterior and posterior tooth region with a click on each splint.
The required penetration depth can then be determined in the Wizard window and the adjustment completed by activating the “Smooth posterior region” button.

Oberseite 02.PNG

Please note that the set value is only an approximation. The exact penetration depth is shown by the colouring.

Customise the splints in the next stage using the familiar Freeforming tool.