Bite Splint

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To define a bite splint case in DentalDB, click on the tooth [1], and in the window that pops up, left-click on Bite Splint. If the area is edentulous, choose Bite Splint(missing tooth) [2]. See section "Defining jobs for individual teeth" for details.

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HotkeyRemember that while clicking on a tooth, you can hold Ctrl to apply last selection to another tooth, or Shift to apply the selection to a group of teeth - similar to marking files in Windows Explorer
TipTo avoid a depression in the bite splint over an edentulous area use the "bitesplint(missing tooth)"

Define the type of antagonist scan by using the pull down menu and choosing Ceramill Artex CR. See section "Getting Started" for details.

TipStart with the first step: Design the bite splint bottom