Ceramill Mindforms by Knut Miller (Expansion of the tooth library)

Aus Amann Girrbach
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The Ceramill library teeth designed by Knut Miller are specially tailored to the requirements of CAD design and set new standards in the digital design of restorations.

  • Library teeth based on the tooth moulds best seller by Knut Miller.

  • Accelerates functional design of fully anatomical crowns and bridges.
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  • Characteristic and natural surface morphology and topography.

  • Very finely detailed definition facilitates the design of occlusal surfaces and fissures.
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Knut Miller CutBack Bibliothekszähne

Three pre-reduced cut-back versions are available for each anterior tooth of the Knut Miller library. These provide optimum preparation for ceramic veneering using shade modifiers. The reduced moulds have been cut back from the fully anatomical mould and have natural growth structures.

Different types of reduction can be selected depending on the patient situation (grinder/ bruxer).

Changing tooth libraries during the design

If a different tooth library is to be used during the design, the procedure is as follows:

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  • Right click on the background during the tooth placement stage to open the Context menu and select the option “Select other model teeth...”.

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  • Then open the drop-down menu "Tooth library" in the "Select other model teeth" window, select the required tooth library and close the window using the "OK" button.

Setting tooth libraries as a standard library

Zahnbibliotheken Standard 001.png

A frequently used tooth library can be defined as a standard library.
To do this, open any case and proceed as follows:

  • Select the option “Settings” via the “Additional tools” top right in the “Actions menu”.

Zahnbibliotheken Standard 0002.png

  • Then open the drop-down menu "Tooth library" in the "Settings" window, select the required tooth library and close the window using the "OK" button.

TipThe change of standard library will only become active after the next restart of the Ceramill Mind design software!