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Aus Amann Girrbach
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Ceramill Trusmile displays the library teeth of the Ceramill Mind software with a natural shade gradient.
An overall impression of the finished rstoration is therefore conveyed during the design stage and ensures optimum aesthetic results.

TruSmile aktivieren

Aktivierung Button.png

To use the TruSmile- function click the TruSmile- Button [ 1 ].

Advantages of the TruSmile- Tool

The TruSmile - tool provides the following benefits while of designing a construction:

  • Library teeth are displayed in the Ceramill Mind software similar to the finished restoration.

  • Improved aesthetic orientation during the design of restorations in the CAD software.
Trusmile Brücke.png

  • Enables material-specific display of scans and design elements, e.g. telescope crown or a bar.
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