Denture tooth placement

Aus Amann Girrbach
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Denture Tooth Placement.png

In the “Prosthetic tooth placement” step the sets of denture teeth available in the software are automatically compared with the values from the preceding model analysis. The difference produced from the model analysis and the width of the sets of the denture teeth is given in mm and highlighted with coloured marking:

Green: suitable sets of denture teeth

Red: less suitable sets of denture teeth

This enables quick, reliable selection of the sets of denture teeth. The software also provides a digital tooth mould chart to facilitate tooth selection. In addition to the description of the set of denture teeth, the dropdown menu [1] of the tooth selection also contains a preview of the respective mould Chart [2] which can be used to view the shape and size of the set of denture teeth. The respective mould Chart [3] is then faded in with further details by moving the mouse over the chart. The software automatically selects suitable sets of denture teeth using the “Auto select” button. After the sets of teeth have been selected, the denture can be set up using

A tooth mould chart with all selectable sets of denture teeth at a glance can be found at

Durchdringungen anatomische Krone.png

A message appears if the anatomical tooth crowns penetrate too deep into the model. In addition, red arrows indicate the positions concerned. Excessive penetration can be remedied with the following modifications:

__Correction of tooth position.

__Do not place the second molar. To do this, ctick option „never“ in the set-up section and reset the posterior teeth.