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To design the bottom of the abutment, the part which is below the gingiva, you might follow this step. The gingiva is presented in transparency, so that you can look through it for better design control.

TipTo set up transparency right click at the part which you want to change… and choose in the context menu „Visual properties“, then choose the transparency style it should be.

To choose a different shape you can select it by using the shape buttons [1]. To create a more convex shape use right one or a dished shape with the button on the left. With the sliders [2] you can also control the shape, with the upper slider you can control the upper part of the abutment and with the lower one, you can control the shape of the lower part.

Abutmentboden 01.PNG

Freeforming abutment bottoms

Any change you do here with this controllers applies to all abutment of the whole restauration. If you want to change only one abutment, don't use the sliders, instead of use freeforming mode by clicking the checkbox [3]. With a left click at the place where you want to add material, there will be material added.

HotkeyWhile holding the <SHIFT> key and left clicking then you can remove material. Left clicking adds material only locally, if you want to add material all around, then you can hold the <CTRL> key while clicking with left.

Visualizing intersection (pressure) to the gingiva

You can also visualize intersection with the gingiva by activating the checkbox [4]. So you can see how much pressure is applied on the gingiva or how far the distance from the gingiva is.

Blue = air to gingiva

Red = pressure on the gingiva

You can control the scale of the visualization to the gingiva by moving the sliders [5]. This is important, because we need a very precise control to the pressure we want to apply on the gingiva. We can also limit the intersection to the gingiva by activating the checkboxes [6]. The upper checkbox is for distance control, below is for intersection control. The distance and intersection is then controlled for all abutment by the values which were given in the fields left from the limit checkboxes [6]. If the values are set to zero then the emergence profile is adapted to the gingiva scan.

Control points at the border of the abutment bottom

You can drag this points [1] by click and hold the mouse button even on the arrows or by the point itself. The movement is restrict by clicking on the arrows in the direction of the arrow. By clicking at the point itself the movement is free in all directions.

Abutmentboden 03.PNG

If you want to create a very complex shape then it is useful to add further control points.

TipAdding control points is supported by clicking on the margin of the emergence profile while holding the <STRG> button. To remove a control point, click on it, hold the left mouse button and press additionally the right mouse button.

The toggle disk - meaning of the color

Rose colored means that the point is attached to the gingiva. Below each control point there are a toggle disk [2]. With that you can change the color of the control point to green. In the green mode [3] the control point is set of the gingiva, and can move it totally free away from the gingiva. You can set up pressure to the gingiva by intersection.

Advanced options

Abutmentboden Wiyard.PNG

With "Height" [1] you can set up the height at the border of the abutment to the supraconstruction. The dental technichian want to have a sharp edge here. But milling of a sharp edge is a problem, there are material specific limitations, especially if you want to mill in zirconia.

If the "Radius" slider [2] is set to zero, then the radius of the abutment is straight aline to the implant.

With the „Unstick all“ button [3] you can detach all control points of all constructions. All control points and toggle disks switch to green. The opposite can be reached by clicking on the „Re-stick all“ button [4], so that all control points and toggle disks switched to rose color.

If all control points are unstuck, thus green color matched, you can move them together up or down and in or out by clicking on the buttons under „Move all margins“ [5].

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