M-part Measure Wax

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Measure Wax Tool - measures thickness of beige Partial wax under the cursor or 3D distance between 2 points. To use,

Mpart messureWax bar.png

  • Distance [1] in this mode, allows the cursor to define a first point by left-clicking anywhere on the model or wax. The cursor then becomes a live distance, and a second left-click fixes the end point for the 3D distance measurement.
  • Thickness [2] in this mode, allows the cursor displays the thickness of wax (to the nearest point of the refractory model) at any point.

You can colorize the display to show areas of the partial that are too thin or too thick, using Colorize Thickness. To use:

  • Set the Minimum [3]' and Maximum [4] sliders set the values
  • To reset thickness colors click Clear [5]
  • Click Apply [6] to enables colorized thicknesses. Areas too thin will be colored blue, while areas that are too thick will be red.

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