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Paint Filler Tool - interactive add-wax tool that paints wax or blockout over an area. Useful when a large area like ruggae, needs to have relief wax added. To use, simply paint the area to be filled, select the smooth level (the default is good for manual relief), click Apply [7].

Mpart paintFiller bar.png

  • The default mode is that left-click-and-drag to Select[1] areas to be filled
  • An alternate mode where left-click-and-drag De-Select [2] previously marked areas to be filled
  • Selects all areas of the model for filling Select All [3]
  • To clears any selection of filling area Select None [4]
  • Set the diameter of the tool with Diameter [5], or use Shift-Middle-Mouse-Wheel to adjust.
  • Set the overall amount of filling with Smooth Level [6]
  • Apply [7] starts the algorithm to calculate the paint filler result. This may take a few seconds. Use Ctrl-Z to undo

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