M-part Trim Scan

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To speed up processing data, the input scan data should only include the mesh under the partial framework plus any involved teeth. Normally you trim the scan data prior to using the PTP2 software, but if this is not possible, we include the Trim Scan Tool to remove scan data prior to survey.

Mpart TrimScan bar.PNG

  • Select with Ball [1] allows you to paint an area of mesh to be cropped or deleted.
  • Select with Plane [2] allows you to position a flat plant to select the model on one side of the plane. Can be used in conjunction with the View Arrows in the lower-right of the PTP2 Window. Normally used to trim the bottom of a model, but be careful not to cut any relevant areas!
  • Select by Seed [3] point to a piece of mesh, and the entire mesh will be selected. Rarely used for scan data that has multiple pieces within it.

  • The Eraser [4] paint select an area to delete from the trim
  • The Select All [5] selects the entire model to be trimmed
  • The Select None [6] icon de-selects the entire model
  • Invert Selection [7] reverses the selected and un-selected areas. Only the selected areas will be deleted.

  • Tool Size [8] adjusts the size of the tool for painting. Can be adjusted with Shift-Middle-Mouse-Wheel.
  • Delete [9] deletes the selected area from the scan. Use Control-Z to undo the delete.

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