Setting insertion axis

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Checking/editing the insertion axis

The software will present you its auto-detected insertion axis, by adjusting the viewpoint so that you look onto the preparation(s) in the direction of insertion. Additionally, undercut areas will be marked with a color scale.

Setting a new insertion axis

To change the insertion axis, rotate the view so that you look onto the preparation(s) from your desired insertion direction. Then, click button [2] to set this as new insertion axis. The undercut visualisation will be updated.

Applying a common insertion axis for several constructions

In 5-axis or laser melting mode, the software allows different insertion directions for parts within a bridge. To enforce the same insertion axis for several parts, click on the respective tooth within the tooth selection control. For example, in the above screenshot – which prompts you for the insertion axis of tooth 16 – click on the tooth symbol 13 to ensure that teeth 16 and 13 share the same insertion axis. Click on 13 again to undo.

Check „unique insertion direction for bridges“ [1] to enforce a common insertion axis for all parts of the currently edited bridge (default in 3-axis mode).

WarningYou should only deactivate this box in the 3-axis mode, if you’re really aware of what you're doing. The Ceramill Motion will control the fourth axis, so that the construction in the Ceramill Match software can’t be rotated in the blank anymore, only positioned.

Click „Next“ in the wizard window when done, to proceed to the next step.