Ceramill m-part Select wax with ball

Aus Amann Girrbach
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The Select Wax tool is used to define and area of blockout or partial wax, and optionally to convert it to the other type.

Mpart waxBall bar.png

  • The Eraser [1] paint=selects and area to delete from the selected area.
  • The Select All [2] selects the entire model to be selected.
  • The Select None [3] icon de-selects the entire model.
  • Invert Selection [4] reverses the selected and non-selected areas.

  • The Cut Selection [5] removes the selected area from the wax.

  • Convert Blockout to wax [6] takes the selected Blockout volume and converts it to Partial wax.
  • Convert Wax to Blockout [7] takes the selected Wax volume and converts it to Blockout.
  • Diameter [8] slider adjusts the size of the tool for painting and erasing selected areas. Also works with Shift-Middle-Mouse-Wheel