First step - choose implant type for construction in Ceramill Mind Database

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Implant type

For decision if you want to construct either a custom abutment (Abutment + Crown) or a screw retained abutment, you can choose in Ceramill Mind Database.

Please note: Screw retained bridges currently cannot be produced with Ceramill Motion and Ceramill M-center.

See section "Defining jobs for individual teeth", what kind of implant type should be constructed.

To choose the implant type on a selected tooth unfold combo box [1] and select "Abutment + Crown" or "Screw-retained".

If you have scanned a model with separate gingiva scan, you should unfold combo box [2] and select "Yes"

Abutment + Crown Screw-Retained
Indikation 01.PNG Indikation Implant.PNG

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