Freeforming the denture base: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

Aus Amann Girrbach
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(Example 2: Detailed papillae -alveoli modelation)
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Version vom 14. November 2016, 14:12 Uhr

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The “Freeforming” tool is available for contouring the denture base. This tool provides the possibility of processing the outer design of the denture base.

“Anatomical” tab [1]


Smaller “Denture Base Parts” [2], or also “Entire Denture Base” [3] can be moved under the “Anatomical” tab [1].

The respective button is activated for this and the required denture part is dragged towards where more base material is needed while keeping the left mouse key pressed.

Tab “Free” [4]


Under the tab “Free” [4] it can be selected whether to “Add/Remove” or “Smooth” the material. The required thickness, size and type of brush can be set in the area “Brush” [6].

Example 1: Quick alveoli modellation

1. The Gingival section of the denture base is slightly cut in using the “Parts of the denture base” tools under the “Anatomical” tab.

2. The relevant alveolus is slightly accentuated with the same tool.

3. The surface of the modellation is then smoothed using the “Smooth” tool.


Example 2: Detailed papillae -alveoli modelation

1. The base surface of the alveoli is created using the “Add/Remove” tools and the brush type “Standard”.

2. The cervical papillae are created using the brush type “Cylinder” and a slightly smaller selected setting of the brush size.

3. Finally the surface of the pattern is smoothed using the “Smoothing” tool.