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Getting help/wiki usage

The documentation here is available as a wiki, which means that users may edit articles themselves. The software used for this site is MediaWiki. Consult MediaWiki's User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Editing articles

To edit articles, you need to create an account using the "Log in / create account" link in the upper right of the screen. A valid email address is required. Signing up just takes a few seconds; you will get the confirmation mail almost instantly.

Adding translations

To add a translation for a specific page, proceed as follows:

  • Create a new page with a suitable title for the language you'd like to translate to. Example: If you'd like to translate the page "Test page" to French, create a new page "Page de test". You can create a new page by entering the title in the "Search" field on the left, then clicking "Go" - if no page with this title is found, you will be provided with a link to create a new page.
  • Add the translated content (Tip: Copy&paste the wiki source of the original English article, and start from there). Once the new page has been created, select the "language" tab on top of the screen, and select the proper language. In the above example, click the "French" radio button, and click the "Change the language" button.
  • Link the original page to the newly translated page: Under "List of available translations for this article", enter the title of the original English version of the page, e.g. "Test page". Click the "Add" button.
  • Now, in the original article, a flag icon will appear, linking to the translated page. The same way, the translated page will now feature flag icon(s) that link to the versions in other languages.

Creating a PDF manual from this wiki

Logged-in users can create a printable PDF manual from this wiki: Log in, navigate to the page you'd like to add to the manual, and select "Create a book" in the "print/export" box on the left side of the screen. Once you have enabled the book creator, a "Book creator" box will appear on the top of each page. You can add any pages you'd like to have included in your customized manual, by clicking "Add this page to your book" from the book creator box. Once you're done adding pages, click "Show book" to download a PDF, or to order a printed copy of your book (via PediaPress).