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When clicking the „Load“ button in the button bar in the main window [11], a dialog with the list of saved jobs will be displayed:

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Jobs are color-coded depending on their age (a color index is found at the middel of the dialog).

  • To load a job, select it in the job list [1] and click „Load“ [2] to load.
  • Selecting a job will activate the previewwindow in the lower left of the dialog.
  • Type any text in the „Search“ field [3] to filter the job list for your search term. To clear the search term, click the „X“ in the right of the search field (it appears as soon as you start typing). To restrict the search to certain fields, uncheck one or more of the checkboxes right of the search field.
  • To close the dialog without loading a job, clicking the arrow at the upper left side [4].
TipDifferent actions (like scanning, CAD, milling) can be performed on different computers. E.g. you can use one machine for scanning, save the job there, and then load the job on a different machine and do the CAD design there. This requires both the database file (DentalDB.sqlite) and the project directories to reside on a network drive accessible on both PCs. Ask your network administrator to set up the network drive and to reconfigure the DentalDB module to use a database file from a network location.

Deleting jobs

To delete a job, select it and click „Delete“ [5]. It will then be hidden and disappear from the list. To undelete a job deleted by accident, check the „Display deleted data sets“ check box [5]. Deleted jobs will then appear in the list, with a red background. Select the job to undelete, then click „Recover“ [7]. To permanently purge all jobs marked as deleted, check and then click „Destroy“ [8].

Importing jobs

To import a project select the type of project to be imported at “Importing ...”. An Explorer window opens in which the project to be imported can be selected and opened.