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Secondary Blockout Tool - allows the model to be re-surveyed for partials requiring secondary insertion axis. Typically done after survey, but before designing the partial framework. To use, paint-select an area of the refractory model to be re-surveyed. Then set the secondary insertion path and click "Apply". finally convert the added wax to blockout wax.

Mpart blockoutSelection bar.png

  • Set Path [1] sets the secondary insertion direction
  • Select Area [2] allows the user to define the area of the blockout to re-survey.
  • Default Insertion [3]
  • Set from View [4]
  • The Eraser [5] paint=selects and area to delete from the re-survey
  • The Select All [6] selects the entire model to be re-surveyed
  • The Select None [7] icon de-selects the entire model
  • Invert Selection [8] reverses the areas to be re-surveyed.
  • Tool Size [9] adjusts the size of the tool for painting and erasing areas to be be re-surveyed.
  • Draft Angle [10] Adds a draft angle for the new blockout wax.
  • Apply [11] Initiates the process of secondary blockout within the currently selected area. The result will be in regular wax (not blockout).
WarningWhen converting partial wax to blockout wax in this tool, ALL wax will be converted to blockout, including any partial wax you have designed. If you have any partial wax visible, simply use Select wax with ball to selectively convert partial wax to blockout wax

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