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Smooth Area - for large areas that need smoothing, the alternate tool smooths all wax within a paint-selected area. Often used to smooth over certain types of extraction sites. To use, paint-select an area to be smoothed, set the parameters, and click Apply.

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  • The Eraser [1] paint-selects an area to delete from current area
  • The Select All [2] selects the entire model
  • The Select None [3] de-selects the entire model
  • Invert Selection [4] reverses the areas to be re-surveyed.
  • Diameter [5] adjusts the size of the tool for painting and erasing areas to be smoothed.
  • Blend with Mask [6] If the mask is used, controls if the masked area should have a sharp transition (default), or be smoothed (if checked)
  • Wax only [7] Controls if Blockout Wax can be selected (un-checked), or only partial wax (checked).
  • Feather Level [8] Controls how the edges of the smoothed area should be blended into the surrounding wax.
  • Apply [9] Updates the preview to show the result of adjusting the feather level. Useful when visualizing smoothing of extraction sites
  • Smooth Level [10] Overall Smoothness of the top of the new surface.
  • Preserve Detail [11] Adjusts the amount of detail carried over from the bottom surface of the smoothed wax.
  • Apply [12] Performs smoothing on the selected region. Control-Z to un-do.

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