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Emboss with Curve allows for fixed embossing or de-bossing of a region defined by a curve. To use, click a curve, then click once in the area to be embossed.

Mpart embossWithCurve bar.png

  • Distance [1] - the height of the emboss/deboss
  • Falloff Distance [2] - the total distance of the falloff, if 0, then the emboss area will have sharp edges
  • Falloff Angle [3] - the angle of the falloff at the edge of the emboss.

  • Linear Falloff [4] - a linear slope at the edge the embossed
  • Adaptive Falloff [5] - a dual-curve slope at the edge of the embossed area
  • Rounded Falloff [6] - a rounded slope at the edge of the embossed area

  • Settings [7]

  • Layer on Refractory [8] When checked, always embosses/debosses relative to refractory, i.e. ignores existing wax.
  • [9]
  • [10]
  • Clear [11] Clears current emboss proposal
  • Apply [12] to accept the selection.


Mpart embossWithCurve settings.png

  • Direction [1]
    • Surace Normal -
    • Average Surface Normal -
    • Path of Insertion -
  • Normal Smoothing [2]

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