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Mpart connector bar.png

To use the Connector tool select the curve that describes the outline of a major connector. For major connectors with holes in them, select the outside curve first, then the inside curve.

Stipple Pattern [1] A drop-down list of stipple patterns to be applied to the surface of the major connector.

Stipple Scale [2] The horizontal scale for the stipple pattern. A larger value will expand the pattern to cover a larger area.

Stipple Thickness [3] The vertical thickness of the stipple, on top of the base thickness value.

Base Thickness [4] The distance from the refractory model (plus any relief wax) to the bottom of the stipple.

Linear Falloff [5] The falloff angle to be applied at the edges of the connector. A larger value will yield a smoother transition and a slightly wider major connector.

Use Defaults [6] Returns the previous changes to their default values.

Apply [7] Applies the parameters to the selected curve to create a major connector.

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