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Mask Tool - general-purpose tool can mask (i.e. prevent changes) to a paint-selected area of the wax. To use, just paint on the wax you want to preserve.

Mpart mask bar.png

  • The Eraser [1] paint-selects an area to delete from the mask.
  • The Select All [2] selects the entire model to be masked.
  • The Select None [3] icon de-selects the entire model from masking.
  • Invert Selection [4] reverses the masked and un-masked areas of the wax.
  • Diameter [5] adjusts the size of the tool for painting and erasing areas to be masked.
  • Falloff [6] adjusts the dynamics at the edge of the masked area, i.e. 100% falloff means that the mask has sharp edges, while 50% means that the mask has gradual effect at the edges.
  • Opacity [7] this slider adjusts the amount of masking, i.e. 100% means the masked wax cannot be changed at all, while 50% means that any edits will reduce their strength by 50% in the masked areas.

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