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The pipe tool takes drawn curves and creates wax "pipes" following the curve. To use, click on a curve and click "Apply Positive.

Mpart Pipe bar.png

  • Start Diameter [1] is the diameter of the desire pipe.
  • Checkbox End Diam. [2] optionally creates non-fixed width pipes
  • End Diam [3] is the ending diameter of the pipe, if the checkbox is enabled.
  • Clear [4] removes the pipe that were created after "Apply"
  • Apply Positive [5] creates a pipe from the selected curve
  • Apply Negative [6] removes a pipe from the wax using the selected curve
  • Inchworm [7] as you move points on the curve, changes the mouse resolution to allow for more precise placement
  • Orthogonal [8] takes the current pipe and aligs it to the nearest x-y-z axis

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