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In this step, you will prepare the design for final output, and save the final design.

Mpart prepareForBuild bar.png

  • Reduce Tolerance [1] When converting wax to final mesh, the maximum error between the wax and the output mesh. Affects the output file size, lower tolerance means larger file size. Un-checking the box means maximum file size.
  • Auto-Relief [2] A proprietary algorithm for generating small amounts (<35uM) of relief wax in areas where interference typically occurs. If your fits are too loose, you can try turning this off. Change with caution!
  • Orient to POI [3] The output file will be rotated with the path of insertion set to the -z axis. Mostly used to ensure accurate 3D printing.
  • Delete Scene on Exit [4] Scene files are saved by default after each design, in case you need to make changes later. Enabling this checkbox disables the automatic saving. Use with caution.
  • Fill Void check [5] Due to the nature of digital wax, it occasionally creates a "bubble" inside the model, which will generally not be visible. Rarely used, and slows down save-for-build.
  • Settings... [6] Auto-Relief parameters (which adjust for scanning smoothness) are adjusted here. Change with caution.
  • Save for Build [7] Save for build. Please be patient, as this process can take a couple of minutes, with a progress bar. The resulting partial framework mesh is displayed over a transparent model, so you can see the underside. The output file (called <projectname_partialCAD.stl) will be placed in the project directory, or whatever directory the original scan/project or scene file was loaded from. If you see a problem after building, you can either:
    • Hit Control-Z and undo the save for build (be patient).
    • "Delete Constructed parts" and then use the expert mode tools to modify the design, then re-save-for-build.
    • Import the partial_cad.stl file into exocad DentalCAD to edit the mesh directly.


Mpart prepareForBuild settings.png

  • Scale [1]
  • Static Relief...Clasps [2], Imported Parts [3], Other [4].
  • Dynamic Relief... Connector [5], Imported Parts [6], Other (except clasps) [7].