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In this step, you apply meshes to closed curves you have already drawn. Meshes consist of a blue blockout wax "riser" and a beige wax mesh pattern on top of the the riser. To use the tool click on a curve to apply it to, which creates a black-and-white preview. With the preview visible you can enter values, adjust the sliders, or use the Graphic Interacter to adjust the hole size and orientation of the array of mesh holes. Click Apply to transform preview into beige wax.
Mpart mesh bar.png

  • Pattern [1] Allows you to select from a number of hole patterns from a drop-down list.
    • Round - makes round holes
    • Square - makes square holes
    • Solid - makes a solid mesh surface, so that "Smudge, can create the holes manually
  • Hole Size [2] Sets the hole size for the mesh hole pattern. Alternatively, the hole size can be controlled by selecting and dragging the arrow of the mesh interacter.
  • Mesh Thickness [3] Sets the thickness of the mesh itself, beginning at the top of the relief wax. The total height of the mesh from the model is [4] plus [5].
  • Relief Wax [4] sets the distance from the surface of the refractory model to the bottom of the mesh, and adds blue blockout wax in this area.
  • Use Defaults [5] Reverts all parameters to their default values.
  • Auto-Select [6] Automatically selects all closed curves to be mesh curves. This allows all meshes, if they have identical parameters, to be created at once.
  • Clear [7] Clears the current mesh proposal(s). Select a curve to enable preview for a specific mesh.
  • Apply [8] Commits the current mesh preview to beige wax.

You can click and drag points on the Graphic interacter to adjust the Pattern Position [10], Pattern Orientation [11], and Hole Size [12] (drag the arrow tip).
Mpart mesh arrow.png

Tip To fill a particular mesh hole, use Clone at mesh thickness
Tip To add a tissue stop, see Select wax with ball and convert an area of the mesh riser from blockout to wax.

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