Saving restorations

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The last step in the wizard is the "merging and saving", which will:

  • Combine (merge) all the individual elements you designed (copings, connectors, etc) into one or more mesh(s) suitable for milling or laser melting. For each physical element you plan to produce, one mesh will be created
  • Saving those meshs in STL format
  • Writing additional information (preparation margin, insertion axes, and much more) into the .constructionInfo file, which will be read by the Ceramill Match Software

The saved files (.STL+.constructionInfo) will be located inside the respective project dir (the directory that opens when you use the „Open in explorer“ button in DentalDB).

Merging and saving will start as soon as the dialog opens. The progress indicator [1] will show current progress. To abort the process, click „Cancel merging“ [3]. Once the merging and saving has finished, the resulting output files will displayed in the box [6].

TipYou can use drag & drop operations here: e.g. you can drag and drop files directly from this dialog [6] into a directory of your choice, onto your CAM software, in an email composition window, or on an FTP server.

Optimisation for improved freeforming and 3D printing

During merging, the software optimises the design automatically for improved freeforming and 3D printing. The output data are produced as “watertight” mesh with special characteristics:

Laser 02.PNG Laser 01.PNG

  • No holes or open edges; a completely interconnected mesh
  • No inner surfaces or automatic intersections

The illustrations above show a sectional view of the contact area between the connector and pontic; left with optimisation and right without optimisation."Changing a finished reconstruction" for details.