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This wiki provides documentation for the Ceramill CAD/CAM System by AmannGirrbach.

Usage rules

Welcome to the Ceramill documentation wiki. We hope that the information presented here is helpful and easy to understand. In case you feel the wiki isn't clear enough on some points, you may modify and improve it. Simply create an account and sign in, and you can edit articles.

  • Please use common sense when editing pages or contributing to a "discussion page". We will end our "open account creation" policy, and disable accounts, in case abuse should occur.
  • Please use proper and polite language.
  • In case of arguments between users that cannot be resolved by courteous discussion, a simple rule applies: WikiSysop is always right. Do not argue with WikiSysop.
  • Submit only material compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. See below for license details.
  • This wiki (and its "discussion pages") is not a support forum. To get support for the Ceramill Mind Software, please contact our Ceramill Helpdesk.
  • Due to the open nature of a Wiki, there is no warranty on the correctness or completeless of the information presented here.


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