Visualizing intersections/distance to antagonists or anteriors

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To visualize distance to (or intersection with) antagonists, use the context menu by right-clicking on the background, and chose „View → Distance to antagonists“. An antagonist visualization window will appear, and intersections with antagonists will be marked on your constructions.


Using drop-down box [1], you can switch between visualization of intersections and visualization of distance. The number [2] indicates the distance to the antagonist (or intersection, if the value is negative) at the mouse position. [3] indicates the maximum intersection (or closest distance) of the tooth currently under the mouse. Slider [4] controls the color scaling, visualized in the false-color bar above. Using checkboxes [5], you can enable/disable visualization both for antagonist intersection/distance and intersection/distance to anterior teeth.

TipTip: You can also visualize distance/intersection on healthy teeth (that is, on scan data), by unfolding combo box [1], and checking the „Include healthy teeth“ checkbox which appears in the dropdown.

To disable all visualizations, simply close the „Distance to antagonists“ window.

TipRecommended reading: Advanced options